Sunday, January 12, 2014

Memory Jar (Pinterest)

 I notice every year that this idea is pinned a lot and I am so glad I did it last year. I just took a basic jar, cut a piece of glitter paper, wrote 2013 in permanent marker and taped it to the jar. I then took a bunch of colored paper and cut them and put them in a baggie next to the jar. Throughout the year my husband I wrote down funny, cute & lovey things we wanted to remember.

The only thing that differs from the pin that I saw is that my husband and I read them on January 1st and we also put them in a scrapbook that we will add each year until the book is full.

This is something I know we will write even more things this year than we did the last, because it is so cute to remember things that would otherwise be forgotten.

Jar with 2014 and to the left are the scraps of paper.

 The first page to mark the year of memories.

One of my memories.

One of Kyle's memories.

I got everything at Hobby Lobby at 50%. I didn't go at the same time, but they rotate their sales frequently.

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