Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Roast (Pinterest)

So I am going to just be 100% honest. I am an amazing wife. But I fail in one area. COOKING. I am decent at it, I'm just not a fan. I would much rather pay to eat out. Baking is more my game. (which is funny, because 99.8% of the time I never eat what I bake)
But I want to have some easy meals in my back pocket, for those times that we just want a good ol' home cooked meal.
I love cooking with my crock pot, there is nothing better that throwing some food in, turning it on, and coming home to a house that smells delicious and the food is even better.
This roast was easy peasy and super duper yummy!!! This is definitely a keeper. In fact it is so good we are making it again tonight and we just tried it about 10 days ago.
Pot Roast:
2-5 lbs roast (since there are only 2 of us, we did a 1.5 lb roast)
1 envelope each: brown gravy, ranch & italian dressing (I mixed all 3 together & used 2/3 of the mix)
Put enough potatoes and carrots to cover the bottom of the crock pot, place roast on top. Sprinkle the 3 packets over top, add water and cook on low for 6-10 hours. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pretzel/Chocolatey Goodness (pinterest)

 Just to warn you, these are addicting!
I don't know what to call them but they perfectly combine sweet and salty in one.
They take a bit of time to make just because you lay out pretzels, unwrap hugs and/or kisses, and then place an M&M on top when they come out of the oven.
You just lay out wax or parchment paper (I used wax), lay the pretzels down, top with the chocolate, and bake for about 5 minutes.
When they come out of the oven place and press an M&M on top. You WILL get chocolate on your hands, unless you have super powers.  

  The only thing that I disliked is that they took a while to set up. I just wanted to eat them.
I personally liked the hugs best, but they are both great. These would also be cute with the seasonal M&M's for different holidays if you are having a party or need to bring a treat.
Pretzel/Chocolate Goodness
Square pretzels
Kisses and or Hugs
Plain M&M's
On cookie sheet place a sheet of wax or parchment paper down. Lay down pretzels and top with kiss/hug. Bake on 200 for about 5 minutes, the chocolate just needs to be soft. Remove and top with M&M.
SIDE NOTE: I used a bag each of hugs and kisses. I would probably find a big bag next time, because I could have easily used 2 bags of each to use up all of the pretzels and M&M's. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mary Kay Satin Hands (Pinterest)

 All you need for this Mary Kay Satin Hands copycat is sugar, Dawn olay hand renewal and a container.
There are 4 different scents to choose from!
 Mix everything together and enjoy!
M. K. Satin Hands Copycat
3/4 c. sugar
Dawn dish soap with Olay hand renewal
Put sugar in container (8 or 12oz) and pour soap until reaches the top of the jar. Mix and use.
SIDE NOTE: The mix is SUPER runny! But it was pretty close to M.K. Satin Hands.

Cinnamon Butter Rolls (Pinterest)

So this cinnamon butter rolls looked super easy and delicious.

Well I was right on the first count. They are super easy to make, but I don't know if I didn't use enough of the spread, or if you are supposed to taste the butter from the crescent rolls. I intentionally picked out plain crescent rolls rather than the butter, but the butter flavor was too strong.

You just unroll the rolls and spread the mix, and roll from wide to narrow end.

I was worried when they came out of the oven that they would stick to the pan and I would have to let it soak. But they came off easily. That also may have been because Kyle and I weren't fans and I threw the rolls out within 5 minutes of being made.
Cinnamon Butter Rolls
1 tube crescent rolls
Filling: 5 TBSP softened butter        1/4 c. sugar        2 1/2 tsp cinnamon
Glaze: 2 TBSP melted butter        1/4 + 2 TBSP powdered sugar        1/2 tsp vanilla
375. Place rolls on cookie sheet and spread with filling, and roll up tightly. Bake 10-12 minutes and drizzle glaze over rolls.