Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hawaiian Chicken (Pinterest)

I love a good crock pot meal. I LOVE to bake, but cooking is another story. If it takes more than 10 minutes I am over it. But cooking with a crock pot is my favorite, since you just throw everything in, turn it on and walk away!

This hawaiian chicken was no exception. 4 ingredients and 6 hours later and dinner was amazing!!! 
I just cooked some rice before we were ready to eat and poured the chicken over top!!!

Hawaiian Chicken

1 cup pineapple juice
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup soy sauce 
2 pounds chicken breast 
Cook on low for 6-8 hours & enjoy!

Slurpees (Pinterest)

Super simple and easy. Nothing will ever be as light and fluffy as a real slurpee, but you'll have a lot more flavor choices!!!

1 kool-aid packet
2 cups club soda
1/2 cup sugar
2 1/2 crushed ice
Blend kool-aid, sugar & 1 cup of club soda on high until sugar is dissolved. Add ice & blend until smooth. Add remaining club soda & blend. Pour in glasses and freeze for 30 minutes. 

SIDE NOTE:  let the blender run for awhile because you want the ice as 'shaved-like' as possible. I would even go the extent of using a snow cone maker if you have one.

Goo Gone (Pinterest)

I love Goo Gone. However I think it is too expensive & sometimes you can get lucky and find it at the dollar store, but I have had a bottle fall over and leak. NOT COOL! Thankfully there is a solution! You can make your own! I think this version works better because there is baking soda in this recipe and you can use it to scrub off what every sticky mess you need to remove. 

1 part veggie oil
2 parts baking soda
Mix and store in an air tight container

SIDE NOTE: you will have to stir the mix before every use since the baking soda will settle.

Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Chowder (Pinterest)

Another simple and amazing crockpot meal. This one is my latest obsession. I have made it 3 times in the last 4 weeks, and my husband doesn't like it, so I have 5-6 meals for the week!!!

1 can (15oz) drained corn 
1/2 an onion (I used a handful of dried onion flakes)
1 can (10oz) enchilada sauce
1 can (10.75) cream of chicken soup
1 cup milk
4 (4oz) chicken breasts
In crock pot combine corn enchilada sauce, soup & milk. Stir and add chicken breasts, making sure they are submerged. Cover & cook on low for 6-8 hours or 3-4 on high. Before serving shred chicken. 
Top with cheese, sour cream or whatever else you like!
I personally like to eat this by using a tortilla chip to scoop up the chowder!!! It helps fill you faster, and give you more to serve or have for leftovers!!

SIDE NOTE: if you can't tell I am a picky eater and this chowder is a basic version from the original recipe. I am attaching the Original Recipe so that you adventurous eaters can have the full recipe.

Cherry Coke Chicken (PINTEREST)

If you know my husband Kyle, you know that he LOVES cherry coke. 
When coke products go on sale I buy anywhere from 6 to 12 cases for him. He goes through them pretty fast, thankfully we work for a company that provides free soda, otherwise I would be buying even more!!!
Anyway... I found this recipe and finally something my husband really loves!!! 
I wasn't a huge fan since I don't really like cherry coke, but it was good over instant potatoes. 

4 chicken breasts
bottle of plain BBQ sauce
1/2 can cherry coke
1/2 cup brown sugar
Cook on low in crock pot for 5 hours. Shred & serve. 

SIDE NOTE: While this was a hit, the cherry coke flavor isn't powerful, you can definitely taste it. Some recipes lose the flavor, but this was definitely present.

Brown Sugar Oatmeal Packets (Pinterest)

I love brown sugar oatmeal, but knew that I was spending too much on the pre-made stuff. Thankfully I found a way to spend a fraction of what I was spending before. Rather than spending almost $5 for a value pack of 18. I spent about the same amount for about 60 packets. The only reason it was $5 is because I bought small plastic containers to eat them in. 
I bought quick oats from Wal-mart as well as small ziploc bowls. Then I just put together 5 bowls together on Sunday for the whole week! Easy peasy! The only adjustment was the taste was a little different, I am sure that the pre-packaged mix has more flavoring. However I found my diy version was more filling for some reason. 

42 oz quick oats
1/4-1/2 cup brown sugar
In small containers (or snack bags): add 1/2 cup oats & 2 TBSP brown sugar
To serve 3/4 cup of water or milk

SIDE NOTE: I personally only like the brown sugar oatmeal. But here is a link with a few other variations.
More DIY oatmeal packets

Cinnamon Roll Waffles! (Pinterest)

Easy, yummy and fast!!! 
I don't even know what else to say, but EN-FREAKIN'-JOY!

Tube of cinnamon rolls - any flavor
waffle maker
Place 4 rolls in the center of the iron and bake. Use the icing as syrup & enjoy!
SIDE NOTE: I didn't flatten the rolls out, since I wanted them to be fluffy. 
Also as I am typing this, all I can think of is trying this with orange rolls! Yummy!!!

Cinnamon French Toast Bake (Pinterest)

I love breakfast food and I couldn't wait to try this recipe. It was super easy to make and smelled delicious. The only complaint my husband and I had, was that the egg mixture made the bottom soggy. So we just ended up eating the top half of the bake!!!


1/4 cup melted butter

5 eggs
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup maple syrup
2 cans: cinnamon rolls with icing
Pour butter in 9x13 glass dish. Separate rolls from tubes and cut each roll into 8 pieces & place in dish. Beat eggs, add cream, cinnamon & vanilla. Pour over cinnamon roll pieces. Drizzle syrup over top. Bake at 375 for 20-28 minutes. Cool for 15 minutes. Heat cinnamon roll frosting in microwave and drizzle on top.

SIDE NOTE: since we thought the bottom was too soggy we probably won't make this again, since I am not good at altering a recipe, but if someone can adjust it so that it isn't soggy, let me know!!!

Crock Pot Potato Soup FAIL! (Pinterest)

Again we all know I love to cook with my crock pot, but this recipe wasn't a success. I don't know if it failed because I didn't use frozen hash browns, but it looked unappealing, and tasted the same.
This is a Paula Deen recipe and I normally love her stuff, but this was a miss.
Some might think it is dumb to post something that didn't turn out, but this is what my experience is about. I know that I will end up with more wins than losses, but I want to test things from pinterest and see how it turns out. And so far this had been the only miss!

1 bag frozen hash browns
2: 14 oz cans chicken broth
1 can cream of chicken soup
onion flakes
1/3 tsp pepper
Combine and cook on low for 5 hours. Stir in package of cream cheese & cook an additional 30 minutes. Stirring occasionally.

SIDE NOTE: This might have failed for me because I used hash browns in the refrigerated section, which might be smaller than the frozen bags. I won't try this again just because I have other recipes for this soup that are different enough for me to try.

Cleaning List (Pinterest)

I tend to be a messy person, organized, yet still messy. But in the past 2 or 3 years as I have become more organized, however I get frustrated when I do everyday cleaning work, because I would feel overwhelmed.

So I decided to combine 2 of my favorite things: lists & organization.

I wrote down any chore I could think of that I had to do as a kid and now as a homeowner. After that I broke the list down further of how often they should be done. When I was finished I had a pretty stellar list. It makes cleaning easy because I can section out what I need to do over the month, rather than cramming all of the hard stuff into a weekend. My husband loves the list also because he can find something to do and help me out. Keep in mind this list is tailored specifically for my house, but the basics are there.

As you'll see in the photos below I have the notebook open for a full month, breaking down to: daily, twice a week, weekly, twice a month & monthly. For the weekly and twice a week I wrote down how many were in the list so that I wouldn't overwhelm myself. I did the same for the monthly, but just averaging out how many things to do a week, for the same reason.

There are somethings like changing the air filter that only need to be done every few months but I wrote those down in the months they need to be done. Mainly because we didn't change the filter for our first year and it was yucky and you notice a big difference when it is changed when it is supposed to be. I also have replace the shower curtain, wash out the dog kennel in the every 3 month list, but they aren't all in the same 3 months. Just to keep it evenly spaced.

I have realized through making this list how particular I am with things, but I am grateful that I finally after 28 understand how I work, and how I can make myself better.

I hope this template will be helpful for some. I will also post other links since others like to work room by room.

Room by room
Weekly Checklist
Mother of all checklists