Saturday, January 18, 2014


When I found out my friend Stacie was pregnant I knew I wanted to make her something really cute, and so one day while perusing pinterest I saw a pin for 30 DIY mobiles. So I looked over them and I love the one that had raindrops, but I knew I wanted to add clouds, and then I just took off with the idea!

Pretty simple and easy, I had my friend pick out colors she liked and I cut out a few of each color of clouds and of raindrops. I don't know how much fabric I used, but the width of the clouds was no more than 4 inches or so. So you could easily get an 1/8th of a yard and get a few clouds and plenty of raindrops from each piece.
I sewed everything by hand and filled with batting before I closed each piece up.
Then I added 3 strands of raindrops, with 3 raindrops on each strand, to the bottom of the cloud.
*I just estimated what looked best and used the first cloud as a template so none of the raindrops were at the exact height of the strand next to them.
Then I added a strand to the top of the cloud and tied them, in varying heights to the inner round of an embroidery hoop.
I added a few strands of ribbon and added a small plastic circle to the top, so that they could hang it from a hook in the ceiling.
This was SUPER easy to make, it just took time because it was sewn by hand.

SIDE NOTE: Carter loves his mobile!!!

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