Sunday, January 26, 2014

3 Yarn Blankets (Pinterest)

This is a quick and easy blanket to make, and looks great using only a chain stitch.
(I have no idea if chain stitch is right?!?! I am self taught and all I know is it looks like a braid and my mom calls it a chain stitch)

Finn's blanket

Carter's blanket
Mr. Carter. He's so cute I can't handle it sometimes!
Not going to lie, I love how easy and amazing these blankets so I had to make one for our couch in Packer colors!

All you need is 3 different colors of yarn and a large crochet hook. For the crochet hook size P or Q work fine, it just depends on how thick your yarn is, once it is all together.  I always use 3 different brands just so you have all different textures. I personally make sure that they are all kinds of yarn that can be washed, I do these blankets mostly for when my friends have babies, and we all know it would be a waste of time and money to make something that nice that couldn't be cleaned.

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