Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cutting Wine Bottles (Pinterest)

So I have wanted to try this for a long time, and I had a random day off and 2 sparkling cider bottles laying around.
Let's be honest, I was cleaning my craft room and had to move the bottles about 15 times and I realized that I've had the bottles laying around for about 3 months. I figured rather than keeping moving them around, why not break the top off of those suckers.
 Just take a clean bottle and wrap a cotton string around (3 times, or more if your string is thinner) the part of the bottle you want to break. 
Then slide the string off and soak it in acetone nail polish remover.
Slide the string back on the bottle and light it. Rotate the bottle so that the fire is all the way around and heats evenly.
Once the flame starts to die down, or goes out, dunk the bottle in a sinkfull of cold water.
The bottle should break and you have a cute cup, pen holder or planter.
 The bottle on the left was the first bottle and it broke on the first try. But there was a crack on the left side. I ended up throwing it away because I didn't want the crack to break later on.
The bottle on the right took a few tries, but turned out the best, the edges were a lot smoother than the first bottle, but they were still sharp. (I have a cut to prove it).
All you have to do is sand the edges to make them smooth. I will keep trying until I get a more uniform cut, and I will dip the tops in glue and then glitter and put tea lights in the bottom!!!
The possibilites are endless!

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