Saturday, March 23, 2013

Coffee Creamer Container Reuse (Pinterest)

 I love coffee creamer, especially of the yummy flavors they have around the holidays. I had 9 in my fridge at one point. The hubby just rolled his eyes, he's getting used to my buying in multiples, he doesn't get it, but is getting used to it.
So I saw on pinterest that moms were using them for snack containers for their kids, which is super smart! They won't get crushed in a baggie and you can just pour the snack into the kiddo's hand.
Well I don't have kids, but I immediately knew what I could put in the containers as I would empty them. From left to right I have, so far: bacon bits, sunflower seeds, popcorn kernels, hot chocolate, and crushed candy canes.
I was having a really hard time filling the containers with a normal funnel, (things were getting stuck about every 5 seconds) and then realized I had a wide mouth funnel, it fit perfectly!!!!
As more containers empty I know that I will find something to fill them with or pass them on to others.
The only thing missing is a super cute label.

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