Friday, January 18, 2013

I love Kyle (Pinterest)

Here is my love story with my husband Kyle.
After over 10 months from my first interview at eBay, I had a starting date of August 16th, 2010. The day before I started my mom called to tell my that my grandpa had been hospitalized. This was crushing news is this was a grandfather I was extremely close with that loved me for who I was no matter what. For the first 2 weeks of my 8 week training my grandfather just continue to get worse. Well I was working at my second job Joann, my mom called me on Monday night and told me that my grandfather wasn't going to live and they were sending him home. That Tuesday our family gathered together as he was given a blessing to release him from his earthly body. He squeezed my hand very tight when I told him that I loved him and would see him tomorrow. That next day September 1st the phone call I received was to tell me that my grandfather had passed. Almost our entire family gathered over at his home as we said our goodbyes 1 last time. We stayed late through the night as he was taken too the funeral home, and his eulogy was written.
I was grieving while trying to work 2 jobs and just keep it together. So in the middle of October I was moved with the team I was going to be sitting with. A couple days later Kyle came back from a friend's wedding. A few days later we got talking, of course about football. I was raised a Viking fan and he was a Packers fan. On October 31st 2010 we went on our first date after work. We went 4-wheeling, and watched the Packers and Jets game (9-0), that's when my love of the Packers started, and my love for Kyle. We spent every single night together that week. I even had that Thursday off and he let me stay over and I slept on the couch. I knew when he came from work Thursday afternoon when he walked in the door that he was the only person I wanted to come home to for the rest of our lifes.
♥I moved in the week of thanksgiving.
♥We got my ring the Sunday before our boys won the superbowl (he converted me)
♥He tried to propose on the 16th of June, same day the packers got their superbowl rings
♥and again on the 17th
♥Finally on the 18th I wasn't being a grouch (I had broken my toe a few days before and was uncomfortable and in pain) and he proposed
♥ We got married July 22nd, 2011
♥...More to come.
Of course there have been bumps along the way, my friend didn't understand his personality and it took awhile for her to come around, and a crazy ex that couldn't let go. And great things too, I now have Andy and Stacie as friends and a kitchenaid mixer.
The reason I mentioned my grandpa is because I feel that he sent me Kyle. I had just lost one of the most important men in my life, and I was barely making it day to day. He gave me an amazing man that loves me for who I am, is silly with me, and takes care of me.
I will always be thankful for having Kyle in my life and love to tell him and show him. So on our one year wedding anniversary I made him the card below. Pinterest had it as an actual card, but because of the alphabet set my sister had (she used her sizzix big kick) I could only use a 12x12 sheet if cardstock. Which turned out to be great because I used all of the back to write to him.
Gifts like this are fun and easy (the hardest part was the math), and mean so much to your spouse!

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