Friday, January 4, 2013

Pin Crazy

You've heard of Pinterest right? Fun little site where you can get your creative juices flowing, make messes and creations in the kitchen, plan cute outfits, and overall just spend hours away from your loved ones.

Well I love the site, but found that I just pinned all the time, then it got even worse when over a month ago when I finally got a smart phone, (thanks babe!) and downloaded the Pinterest app. I have to say that the app is far better than the site because you can check out the pin and the possible attached link and when you go back, you are right where you left off! I love that because now rather than just pinning item after item, I check the link to see if I want to go through all the work/time/effort to create the masterpiece that I am looking at.

So to get to the point of this introduction. I need to start doing the things that I have pinned. I am not much for new years resolutions, but now is the perfect time to start, since the holidays are over. This idea started shortly after I got my phone. I want to do at least one 'pin' once a week, (I have so many, as I bet you all do) that I could easily do 3 or more a week and still have leftovers.

Getting started... For those of you that know me well, I like to make things difficult to make them easy in the long run. I am in the process of writing down all the recipes and directions from every pin that I want to do. I know that this seems crazy, but I can do this while at work, and watching T.V. at night. After I have written everything down I will go back and write down every thing that I will need to purchase, I will go a step further and sort out for items that will be at craft, grocery, and liquor stores (I am sure I will go even further still, and check out prices) I am making the list of the things that I need .

It is a lot of work, but I know that if I move from week to week looking for a pin I will just get distracted and pin rather than do something. Plus I will be adding the items I need to purchase on to the color note app on my phone, so that while I am out running errands I can easily refer to the list and pick up things along the way, and then go back to the 'Pin Book' and mark the items that I can create because I have all of the supplies.

I am sorry if this is all long winded, but I wanted to get it all out there. I will post every time I have done something, and give tips that would be helpful, and also let you know if it was a hit or miss.

Please also note that I haven't ever blogged before and it might be super crappy and lame to start with, but I am sure when I get the hang of it I will get better as I go.

I am also going to cheat this first week and post some things that I have already done (give me a little slack, the holidays are over, and I am writing ALL the items I have pinned.).


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