Friday, January 4, 2013

Jewelry (Pinterest)

So I always wanted a pretty display for all of my necklaces. And it was super easy!
I got the wood and hooks at home depot. They were about 5 for both and 24 inches long. I already had some hooks laying around, but picked up the rest. There were 5 in a bag for a dollar or you can get a bigger bag to start. (Count how many you'll need so you don't overbuy, you can also layer the necklaces so you can buy less).
To start I painted the wood with acrylic paint.
Then while watching T.V. I screwed the hooks in the wood. You might want to take breaks, my fingers hurt when I was finished. I spaced them about an inch apart.
I then went through my scrapbook paper stash found the perfect paper, I cut out two pieces per board and swiped some modpodge on one side
of the wood and put the paper right side up and put some books on top. When they had dried I used an exacto knife to cut off the excess paper. I put more modpodge on top, paying attention to the seams and sides so the paper wouldn't peel away from the wood.
Then I nailed the boards straight into the wall with 3 inch nails, I put nails on each end and one in the middle. Depending on your paper your nails might show. You could paint them or cover them with extra paper, or use nails that have small nail heads.
I don't have heavy necklaces so I didn't worry about finding studs. If you have heavy necklaces don't group them close together, use longer nails, or find the studs to be safe.

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